Summit 2016 Testimonial by Kirk Davis

This is a powerful Testimonial from last year's summit by K.I.N.G. Member Kirk Davis from Memphis, Tennessee.

'Wow! I can't began to express the overwhelming range of emotions that I've experienced since returning from the K.I.N.G. Summit/Conference. It was truly amazing to see MEN lifting up holy hands and beholding the TRUE and LIVING GOD. Having pledged Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity in 1986, I understand the concept of true brotherhood and the spirit of fraternal bond, however, what I experienced over the last 4 days has transcended, exceeded, eclipsed and surpassed what I once knew as true brotherhood. Thank you Chris Broussard, our founder and CEO and the entire Board Committee for believing in my walk with Christ and crowning me a K.I.N.G. Thank you Nygel for placing a hand in my back and holding me up when the enemy tried to tear me down during the crowning ceremony! Thank you Fern and Q for exemplifying the true spirit of brotherhood and responding to the need by "being your brothers keeper." Thanks Pastor for believing in me, trusting me and seeing in me what i can't. And last but not least, thank you Chris Broussard for being a Christlike leader and checking on one of your wounded sheep! Memphis is getting ready to be turned right side up!

Be STRONG in the LORD'


  • Steven Stack on 11/18/2016 8:56:46 PM

    I remember this like it was yesterday!! Looking forward to it and strong in the Lord!!!

Cliff Means

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